Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List: Kerane Marcellus

Bike. Swim. Get a hot guy's number.


As the days get hotter, our bucket lists get longer. Summer Bucket List is a monthly column where we ask you: What's on yours this summer?

If you ask anyone what their hopes and dreams for the summer are, the answeries will undoubtably be varied. Coney Island is a yes for some and a no way for others. Some like to stay put while others are getting the hell out of dodge. Either way, we need to know what everyone is doing.

I met Kerane at an event recently. We immediately had a few things in common: We write, we read the same magazines, and we like summer. So naturally, I had to ask her what she's getting into over the next few months. Or at least, what does she hope to accomplish? We keep this one plain and simple: 10 things. In a list. No fluff. Here's Kerane's summer bucket list.

Kerane's Summer Bucket List

1. Learn how to ride a bike.

2. Learn how to swim. LOL.

3. Ask for hot guy’s numbers with no fear.

4. Be a bad bitch (subject to how you see it).

5. Fall in love again.

6. Maybe pay off my student loans (donating my eggs, hope i get $100k 🤞🏾).

7. Make more girl friends!

8. Buy more clothes on my wishlist 🤭.

9. Go to pilates consistently.

10. Have a girl’s night in the park with wine and charchoochie boards.


Follow along with Kerane's summer here.

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