Saved Folder

Sweaty And Uninspired? The Saved Folder Will Save YOU

The sun is hot, but the saved folder is hotter.

Photo Courtesy of Caro Diario.


Saved Folder is a monthly column where our creative director asks people she thinks are ~cool~ to share what they’ve bookmarked to their instagram saved folder recently.

It's summer! If you're like me, amongst the sweaty commutes and standing in front of the ac to stay cool before a dinner date, then you might also have a hankering for something... inspiring. Whenever I feel sapped of creative energy, I take a quick trip to the saved folder to see what got me inspired in the past. Take a cold dip in your own past saves, or just look at what this cool crop of people shared!

Aliza Abarbanel

I’m convinced I would be a happier person if I could cut corn off the cob like this. The technique! It’s just so satisfying.

This is my favorite account to follow on IG. The curation is always so good—this poem HITS in just three lines. A reminder to do more with less, and always order dessert.

I'm obsessed with this knitwear designer in London who makes custom sweaters on commission!

I've never been to this bakery in Paris (someday!!) but I love the look of the little pastry roundups they post.

I love this account that shares vintage beer coasters—the typography and colors on this one in particular really stood out to me.

My partner and I bought a fixer upper in Providence this year and my entire feed is home stuff now, but this wavy siding and starburst effect from a local carpenter in New England blew my mind a little bit

It’s Cancer season, so both of my saved Instagram picks reflect the tender sensitivity of our water sign friends.

This first one is a Tweet (RIP Twitter) my friend @kararoselles shared in a recent photo dump. I’ve been in my platonic love bag recently. I am taking time to actively appreciate my friendships, which are my daily sources of love, support and joy. On this journey to feed our inner child, it would be cool to hold my homies as lil babies, so this Tweet resonated with me.

The second one is a post from my friend @yisel_o_rama, who is a Brooklyn-based artist. Yisel always reminds me to take pleasure in the simple things. I’m a big believer that finding little joys in your day-to-day is the key to a happy life. This post is both an affirmation and a challenge to be like a dew drop: full, soft and cute!

My Turn!

I recently discovered this illustrator and I love her series of different items in delivery trucks. The tulips are my favorite - whats yours???

I've been a fan of the indie book publishers Same Paper for a while. Since the pandemic cancelled the Shanghai Book Fair, they created a portable bookshelf backpack to wander around the city in to still be able to introduce newcomers to their work. I saved this a while ago, but come back to it often.

Ok I know this isn't creative inspo (or is it) but these geese slippin' and slidin' on the ice will always bring me so much joy!!!!

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