Summer Bucket List

Asata Maisé Wants To Look Hot In A Bikini

A spritz, a canoe trip, and a yacht day, obviously.


As the days get hotter, our bucket lists get longer. Summer Bucket List is a monthly column where we ask you: What's on yours this summer?

Delaware-based artist and designer Asata Maisé has exquisite taste. Just look at what she makes. See? Beautiful. I first met her in 2021, when I interviewed her for The Context. It was a warm summer day, and her studio was a cool oasis filled with vibrant, vintage textiles, her signature patchwork bags, and garments she had recently made (it was hard not to run away with them all). Since that fateful morning, I've followed Asata's work and learned that she is, simply put, a master of lifestyle. She knows how to slow down, put feet in the grass, and get inspired to make something cool. That's why she came to mind as someone who would have a great summer bucket list. Here are the ten activities she's envisioning for the summer.

1. Buy a pack of Ghia Salt & Lime spritz

2. Canoe trip with friends

3. Look hot in a bikini

4. Get knotless braids (mandatory summer activity)

5. Hiking

6. BBQ with my family on the Brandywine river

7. Eat crabs (plenty of newspaper, butter & Old Bay)

8. Read 3 books

9. Fall in love

10. Spend a day on a yacht

Follow along with Asata's summer here.

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