Earth To Gaby

Advice For Burnout From A Reiki Healer

Plus her summer essentials, what she's wearing, and what she's listening to right now.


Earth to Gaby is a monthly advice column featuring what Gaby Azorsky is wearing/eating/reading/thinking Part 1 of this column is Ask Gaby, in which Gaby answers a question from a reader. In Part 2, Gaby provides tips and tricks for life.

Ask Gaby

Dear Gaby,

As I progress in my career, I have less and less time for quiet moments and self care. I get overwhelmed with juggling work obligations, friend quality time, dating, sleep, getting in healthy meals, etc. What do you recommend for quick ways to ground and center the self, and ease anxiety, when it feels like the world is whirling around me at one million miles per minute? Feeling burnt out and ungrounded, help.

Wish me luck,

Human Version of a Hot Computer

Dear Human Version of a Hot Computer,

Great question, and please know that you are not alone in this struggle of “balance.” There are a few things coming to mind of ways to help clear excess anxieties and constant thoughts swirling around, but the most basic practice is using our breathe and the present moment.

Our breathe is always here. In every moment, our bodies are working to keep us in homeostasis. When you are riding the subway, or about to walk into a party or a dinner with friends, try pausing and closing your eyes. Put your hands over your heart or your belly (or one over each) and take 3 (or better 5) deep breathes. AND, YES YOU HAVE TIME TO THIS. It doesn’t have to be a big meditation with a cushion and crystals, all you need is your breathe and the present moment. I often say to myself, “I am dropping out of my mind and into my body.” And then after I take the deep breathes, it’s like I suddenly have created so much S P A C E in my mind from running errands all day, navigating the subway, avoiding a pile of vomit on the street, driving in traffic, ignoring texts, whatever it is, to now I am just ready to enjoy a lovely evening with my friends.

A few other things I would suggest:

  • Taking a walk without your phone, without music or podcasts, just enjoying being human and your surroundings
  • Check out Tap with Brad on YouTube. He has tons of videos of EFT tapping, and most of them are 5-10min. I love one called “clearing excess noise and anxiety”
  • Say no to plans that you do not want to attend

Good luck, and let me know how it goes.

With love,


Gaby's Summer Tips

Think of an heirloom tomato, fresh from an Italian grandmother's garden. Now think of a tomato from a standard grocery store. Which tomato was grown with more love? Which one is juicier?

In herbalism and wise woman traditions, Summer is a time to FRUIT AND CELEBRATE. One of my visions for myself is to live/be juicy. To embody the ripeness of human existence and feel the multitudes of joy, abundance, love, sensuality, beauty, waves of emotions, vitality… And July is a month that always excites me for it also embodies JUICE. Juiciness hints at inner radiance shining out, you are a magnet to the world around you. You know who you are and you are VIBING.


I’m currently in the midst of a 90 day plan that I designed for myself, to usher me between being laid off and being self-employed. It’s been a creative window of self-exploration. These are all the other things I am relishing in to feel like my most juicy self this month:

What I'm Wearing, Beauty Edition:

Bodha Incense

Crown Affair leave-in conditioner

RMS Un-Coverup

Lesse face serum

Living Libations Poetic Pits


What I’m Eating:

Snack plates: heirloom tomatoes, salmon, crackers, veggies, butter, olive oil, salt

The Matchacado smoothie from Erewhon

A lot of Activist Manuka Honey


Day To Night Routine:

  • Wake up between 5:55-9:30am (it depends on the day)
  • Gua Sha and massage my face with delicious oils and serums so I feel like a Venusian goddess
  • Meditate and do kundalini yoga for radiance, creativity, and prosperity
  • I get dressed and ask myself, “What would I feel sexiest in today? What would make me feel like my most me?”
  • Go outside and greet the world, taking a walk, purchasing a matcha latte somewhere, having a cute chat with a barista
  • Computer / creation time and/or 1:1 healing sessions with clients
  • Go back outside
  • Time with the people I love

What’s on my wishlist:

What I'm Listening To

Almost Heaven Radio

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