Conductors of Summer

There’s A Good Room In Brooklyn, And It’s Sweaty In There.

Deep on the dance floor is a community of people celebrating summer, and each other.


Conductors of Summer is a Heatwave feature in which we ask the conductors of summer — a lifeguard, an ice cream man, a gardener, a drag queen, and more — to document their high season with a disposable camera. Bring your handheld fan, because it's about to get hot.

What's one thing that everyone wants to do (at least a little bit) during summer in New York City? The thing that can make people feel happy and connected and like they're really living? Dance, of course. It happens in the streets, in the subway, on the piers and underground. It happens in rooms: hot rooms, sweaty rooms, and sometimes, Good Room. For this installment of Conductors of Summer, we interviewed musician and DJ Heidy P., who often makes cameos at Greenpoint's Good Room (and well-known other room, Bad Room). Here's a look inside Heidy's sweaty, dancy, hot, and FUN summer.

What does summer mean to you?

Summer for me is about falling in and out of love every week, staying up way past the sunrise and being able to juggle a million projects without needing too much sleep. The sun truly empowers me and I’m at my best from May to September. Summer starts on Memorial Day weekend every year for me. It’s my annual pilgrimage to Movement Festival in Detroit and that’s the turning point and always my biggest source of inspiration years after years. Time goes way too fast after that and it’s once again almost August and I realized I haven’t been invited to your upstate NY summer house yet, I only went to beach once and I barely have a tan! So here’s to me trying to relax a little bit, enjoy the remaining of this summer and chase the block parties.

“Summer for me is about falling in and out of love every week, staying up way past the sunrise and being able to juggle a million projects without needing too much sleep.”

A big part of what makes Good Room so special is the amazing staff.Everyone loves music and nightlife and it shows! It’s one big crazy family showing up week after week, messing up their sleep schedule and some more (because who wants to go straight to bed after such an electrifying night) to make sure you have the best time.

Nightlife workers are literal angels!!!

You can see Karen, Ian, Val & Papa on this pic but so many people are making the club a special place. Big shoutout to Fio, David, Josh, Mia, Brit, Lauren, Sam, Timo, Taiful, Monshad, Ike, Gary & Greg. Cue to me waking up in the middle of the nights because I most likely forgot to name someone :/

Getting to close Good Room meant the world to me. I don’t get so nervous these days but I def had some feels. Thankfully any fear or doubt vanished the minute I hit play. The only thing missing was my partner in crime Vandi.

Talking about friends, this is Ana. She’s my new bestie. We met almost a year ago after she wrote about one of my mixes in an article she was writing. I mostly caught her attention because we had the same hair colour. She was visiting from LA but finally made the move to NYC a few months ago and I’m so thankful to have her in my life.

We made sure that the DJs had plenty of mezcal and candies.

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