Tinx Talks Burning Love And Becoming The Internet's Confidant

You're in her DMs, so are half a million other people. What qualifies Tinx to advise her audience? She's navigated a few fires of her own.

By Tinx

Photos by Anna Koblish


Forging a career online is one big thought exercise in freaking out. We all know the chemical impact of spending lots of time on the internet. (Actually, I don’t think we’ll know just how bad it is for another couple of decades, when some AI overlord splits my brain open for science, but I can’t think about that too much because it’ll make me freak out.)

On the other side of your phone screen, I do my best to be a sensible sounding board. I feel conflicted when people call me an advice expert because truthfully, I am just a girl. A girl who wants other girls (gays and theys) to learn from her mistakes — because there have been many.

What is more human than helping someone through a manic episode that’s similar to one you’ve been through yourself? People have been managing each other through freakouts since the dawn of time, they just look a little different now. Less “he said he was going to bring me a bushel of hay for my horse and he didn't” and more “I saw my ex in Dimes Square with a girl wearing the exact same Tabis that I wear.”

Here’s the thing: it takes one to know one. I think I’m good at giving advice because I’ve had plenty of my own major freakouts, too many to count. What’s the best one, you ask? Let’s just say it was lit.

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