The Young and The Restless

James Veloria Is The Serious Vintage Hub For Unserious People

Co-owners Collin James and Brandon Veloria talk sourcing, Opening Ceremony, Christopher Nemeth blazers, and their best client stories.

By Sam Falb

Photos by Eliza Jouin


The Young and The Restless is a monthly column which explores the independent retailers and vintage sourcers outfitting the young people of today – their clubby wiles, de rigeur spirit, and exacting sartorial attitude on display both in-store and online.

Cigarette burns and a life well-lived are key to the prized blazer that Brandon Veloria Giordano, one-half of the creative duo behind James Veloria, wears. The subtle imperfections are what they count as integral to the piece’s value.

Rich storytelling is foundational to the brand’s ethos, and the above snippet is just the tip of the tulle-trimmed, bejeweled iceberg of the downtown vintage retailer.

The brand was brought to life from the founders’ apartment (their living room once served as a showroom for customers, including Opening Ceremony’s Humberto Leon). They now operate a highly-visited, deliciously colorful storefront in the Lower East Side.

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