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Meet The Internet’s Freakiest Tailor

Roshan Melwani of Sam’s Tailor has recently attained meme status thanks to his suggestive—and very questionable—videos. But what lies behind his provocative online persona?

By Patrick Kho

Photos by Chloe Ching


There is no tailor like Sam’s Tailor. At least, there is no other tailor with a Know Your Meme page. Why? Because of viral TikToks like this one: “I am DRIPPING WET…” cries Roshan Melwani—these words, overtly sexual, refer only to the client standing awkwardly beside him. At Sam’s Tailor, a bespoke suit tailor based in Hong Kong, this is business-as-usual. For Roshan, the current tailor-in-residence, such suggestive videos are the way he showcases work to followers—that is, 1.8 million on TikTok and 385k on Instagram as of writing. After unleashing this lewd cry, he highlights the final product: a custom, fully-fashioned suit crafted in-house. “…are you happy?” he asks.

As hard as it is not to laugh watching Roshan’s content, it’s probably even harder not to feel second-hand violated. In another video, he expresses wanting to “UNDRESS” his male client, and then later, violently smacks his ass. One fan comments, “spank me like that please it’s all i want.”

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