What Color Is Your Scream?

We invited friends to come scream in a studio, and then asked them, what color does that sound like to you?


What makes you scream? What does it feel like to scream? SCREAM SESSION, an ongoing audio project, draws on the notion of engineered screaming, gathering individuals from across NYC with varying fears and excitements, into a single voice.

Scream Session #1 explores what a scream could look like by asking participants, “What color do you scream in?”

The people whose screams you’re listening to all got into a soundproof recording booth over the course of an afternoon in November and just… let it out. Their only instructions were to scream as loudly as possible, while thinking about something that excites and/or terrifies them, and then share the color they felt accompanied their scream.

What you’ll see: Color spheres that correspond with each screamer's vision of their own scream.

What you’ll hear: A looping compilation of screams from all the screamers.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your screams:








And extra special thank you to Alex Poeppel our magical sound engineer for making us all feel like pop stars in the recording studio for a day.

Scream Session #2 will start recording in February. Email ledaccache@gmail.com with SL: Scream Session #2 if you’d like to participate.

Disclaimer: I submitted this late. And in that stressful purgatory between my original deadline (Dec 4th, I think? I’m so sorry) and finally hitting “send”, I tormented myself trying to think of all the things this “could” be. How can I make it smart(er)? Louder? Better? Should it be a “series”? A conceptual video? (I tried the conceptual video. It involved selfie videos. It was bad.) I twisted myself into such a violent state of distress over needing this to be something more that by the end I wanted to throw the whole thing away and… scream. Ha.

In the end, it is all of these things and none of them.

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