What To Wear When Everything's Falling Apart

Fear not! Find comfort in an Ezcaray tie dye scarf, a Jil Sander jacket, a Lacoste wool sweater, and more.


When I was in high school, I watched the movie Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown by Pedro Almovodar for the first time. Although I don’t remember the exact plot, I remember the fashion: statement earrings, oversized blazers, slicked-back hair. I had never seen a piece of media where women who were categorized as unstable looked chic as hell in said descent.

With the theme of Byline being Freaking Out, my mind went back to the ’80s coded outfits from Almovodar’s movie and thought about what today’s fashion would be in a movie centered around women going berserk. Freaking out fashion? A la mode meltdown? Anyway, here are some items I think would be fitting to freak out in, whether in public, at work, or anywhere.

Comfort-Giving Get Ups

Maybe you’re an anxious flyer, have a huge interview tomorrow, or just feel a meltdown on the horizon. Maybe you already had said meltdown. Either way, these items will give you a warm hug, ease you into the real world gently, and still have you looking nice.

Blankie Mode


Ever had something happen that caused you to freak out so much that when you finally go back out into the world, you’re only 80% ready to get back out there? This big warm scarf will keep you enveloped in comforting blankie mode.

There’s also a blanket version if you decide you’re literally not leaving blankie mode:


Fuzzy Flowers


A soft Jill Sander moment to snuggle yourself in.

Pajamas for Outside or what I call it: breakfast for dinner!


I know it’s cold now, but on a warmer day, pop on some boxers, like these cozy Comme Si.


This Tekla PJ shirt can definitely pass for a buttoned-up look while also being comfy.


A chic set that COULD be pajamas but isn’t, so don’t ask me again if they are, ok?

A snuggly sweater makes every freakout better <3

A classic:


Want something more unique? Sure, try this Colin Locascio:


Orrrr this Lacoste:


If you’re freaking out, but the world keeps on going

Nothing is worse than panicking when you don’t have time to panic. What I wouldn’t pay to have the world stop when I’m overwhelmed, out of time, or just need a moment. Maybe the items below can help.


An old roommate of mine had this bag, and one time, she ran into the kitchen frantically looking for something and dumped the contents all over the floor. I was shocked at how much this bag fit. I remember thinking, “This is a great bag to carry when you have a lot going on since it can clearly hold all the stuff you need.”


This bag is also big and very puffy. Squeeze it to feel better, or if you’re running all over and drop it, your stuff inside will probably be fine due to the cushioning?


I got a version of this Ganni puff not too long ago, and I’ve started calling it my no fucks coat. By no fucks I mean I do give a fuck, but since this coat is chic, warm, and has deep pockets, it is THE coat to wear when you just do not have time to process the world around you. Need to look good for work, which you’re running late for already, and it's 20 degrees? Slap this baby on. Going to the roof party of an ex where you feel like a giant unwanted marshmallow in a traditional puffer? Button this bad girl on up and get out there, freak out free. But if you do freak out, you can definitely fit a flask or bagel in these pockets.


Lumia Nocito wore these shoes in her Byline x UO shoot, so they pass the cool check for sure. Always nice to have a pair of sneakers you can wear while traversing the universe, checking off all your tasks, and being comfortable all day knowing you’re still looking good.

When you need extra confidence

Most recent freak out got you feeling down? I get it. Sometimes, a meltdown isn’t a good look. But you can still look good, you know. Here’s some stuff that I’d want to wear when feeling anxious but want to look like I am totally together.


People think that height is always the answer when wearing heels to feel hot, but you gotta be able to walk!!!!! These Ganni heels are a good place to start.

Coats for Confidence


I don't know about you all, but a trench always looks badass to me. This one has large sleeves that feel chic and give you extra volume - which makes me feel like I’d be able to look bigger to scare a bear, so that's confidence, right?


This coat screams BIZNESS to me as well.


Want some literal armor? Any Paco Rabanne item will do!!

O Christmas Tree

Statement earrings always make me feel like a beautiful Christmas tree someone carefully decorated with their most beautiful ornaments, and that makes me feel my best. Here are some of my favorites:


I love clear jewelry and think it’s here to stay.

Two more since you people deserve it!!

These Lizzie Fortunado gorginas:


And lastly!!! Some affordable COS hoops!


Happy freaking!!!!!!!!!!!!

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