Laura Reilly Says Her Readers Are All Really Hot

The newsletter maven on escaping fashion, her writing routine, starting her own line one day, and objectifying her followers.

By Megan O'Sullivan

Photos by Deb Leal


There's one newsletter every fashion girl reads. Sure, there are handfuls of shopping Substacks that cater to every subculture of style, but one is running laps around them: Magasin. Its writer, Laura Reilly, has the fashion set dialed. Sales? She's sifted them. Emerging designers? She knows them. Comps? She's found them. Strangely niche items that you need to find immediately? She'll give you a dozen options.

As she navigates high season (she just conquered Black Friday and is still dueling out gift guides), we asked Laura what really goes on behind the scenes — in between designer appointments, after brand brunches and before evening launch parties. Hint: she somehow manages to get a newsletter out against all odds. Below, Brooklyn's Tabi-wearing, Lemaire-loving, Kassl coat-sporting writer walks us through her process.

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