Caught Red-Handed

Kaelee Overfield Is Caught Red-Handed

Kaelee Overfield, TikTok’s premier lesbian gossip whisperer, spills the tea on herself, Kim Kardashian, Comfy Clothes, and Desert Island Shenanigans.

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Caught Red-Handed is a monthly interview series that begs the questions: What do cool people actually consume? What are their digital vices and indulgences?

In college, I had a childhood friend who went to a prestigious women’s university, where if you weren’t gay when you walked in, you probably would’ve had a taste of cherry ChapStick by the time you graduated.

One holiday weekend, over margaritas at the only hometown bar that stayed open past 8, she conspiratorially showed me a photo of a posterboard — the kind we used to use to make presentations about Henry Kissinger — littered with names, circles and dotted lines in black Sharpie. To put it simply, it was a handy-dandy guide of who had fucked who on campus, with a comical amount of overlap.

As it turns out, this kind of intertwined lesbian society doesn’t flame out once you remove the scenic quad and sexually charged rugby team from the equation. It runs just as rampant in Hollywood. Enter Kaelee Overfield, known on TikTok to her half a million followers as Kales_0, who’s generously dedicated her off-time from her work as a public defender to educating masses about the complex (and at times incestuous) hookups of social media’s most active lesbians.

She calls this domain Leztopia, and in many ways, she’s become a starring character despite living thousands of miles away from LA, where things like the Fletcher concert that shook the nation take place. JoJo Siwa, one of her most notorious subjects, even name-drops her during a convoluted summary of the evening on an episode of The Viall Files, where the straights are bewildered and befuddled, to say the least.

In honor of Byline’s “Freaking Out” issue, we invited Kaelee — or as The New York Times dubbed her, Lesbian Perez Hilton — to share her celebrity hot takes, guilty pleasures, and unrivaled Swiftie standom.

@kales_0 at least we know she’s not dating me for my insider info #lesbiandrama #wlw ♬ Microwave Popcorn - Bo Burnham

What’s a frequent theme/subculture/quirk on your personal TikTok FYP that might surprise us?

Kaelee Overfield: For starters, I love Alix Earle. It might surprise people since she is living the world's straightest life, but I really enjoy her content. Next would be food videos, I steal most of my meal prep ideas from my TikTok FYP.

If you got to guest star or compete on any reality show, which would it be and why?

Kaelee Overfield: Listen, I LOVE reality TV. I’d love to guest star on The Kardashians…for obvious reasons. But having to pick between that and a game show would be hard — I love Survivor, and I think I could pull it off. Victoria Paris used to joke about going on Survivor — she should. She could so win it all.

Please go on Survivor, it’s getting dusty! Speaking of tired franchises, who should be cast as the first lesbian Bachelorette (on purpose this time)?

Kaelee Overfield: LOL. Hmm, that’s a good question…typically the bachelorette isn’t someone “famous.” So I’d honestly have to answer with my friend Cara. If any hot single mascs see this, hit her up.

This year’s Spotify Wrapped was basically telling us all that we were gay AF. What part of yours were you least likely to share on social?

Kaelee Overfield: I am super embarrassed to admit that “I’m Just Ken” was my 48th most listened-to song. Doesn’t seem that high, I know…but it was the first non-Taylor/Olivia-Rodrigo song on the list.

“For starters, I love Alix Earle. It might surprise people since she is living the world's straightest life, but I really enjoy her content.”

Okay, you brought up Taylor first, so let’s play a quick game. F, Marry, Kill: Red Era, Reputation Era, Folklore/Evermore Era.

Kaelee Overfield: That’s easy.

Bang: Reputation (Obvi, have you seen Rep Taylor?)

Marry: Folklore/Evermore (I’m a longtime fan, but this is her best stuff hands down)

Kill: Red (Sorryyyy)

What’s your number one guilty pleasure movie?

Kaelee Overfield: Crazy Stupid Love.

We’re almost at the end of 2023. What fad or fashion trend would you want to see resurrected in 2024?

Kaelee Overfield: I feel like we went from mom jeans to baggy pants this year, and I'm digging it. I hope we keep that up in 2024. Make clothes comfortable again!!!

You famously slayed the bar exam this year. Pick one of these lawyers as your co-counsel: Elle Woods, Kim Kardashian, Meghan Markle on Suits.

Kaelee Overfield: KIMMM. Kim could call me up and ask me to quit my job and move to LA today to help with her exoneration work. I love her for many reasons, but the work she does to get innocent men and women out of prison is incredible. She has amazing power to, for lack of better words, get shit done. I hope she keeps it up. The world needs awareness on this issue. I’m a public defender, and I understand some people need jail or prison, but not the majority of the people in there.

You’re stranded on a desert island with JoJo Siwa, Chrishell Stause, and Fletcher. Who would you trust to get you home, and who’d be the first to start talking to a volleyball?

Kaelee Overfield: My answer might have been different before JoJo did Special Forces….but she really got after it on that show. Seems like she’s got some real dedication, so I’d have to say JoJo is getting us home. Fletcher is still worried about Shannon. Chrishell is just there for a good time. And I am the one talking to the volleyball.

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