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Jalil Johnson's Holiday Gifts You Can Give WHENEVER

A brooch, slippers, an astrology session: no gift is too late when it's this good.


5 Buys is a monthly column that highlights savvy individuals and the things they're buying now.

In case you're freaking out about those gifts you never actually bought, fear not. Before we officially sign off for ~1 day, we wanted to give you a solution: a list of treats you can get your loved ones no matter how late your gifting journey is this year. Jalil Johnson, fashion maven and certified knower of where to get good things, created a Byline-exclusive list of Very Good Items ™ that no one else will have. If you don't already follow Jalil, this is your sign to start now. Below are his picks for last minute gifts (as in, you can gift these bad boys after tomorrow). Enjoy.

  1. Vintage Christmas Tree Brooch


When was the last time you thought about a brooch? These underrated accessories can truly elevate any look. Connie DeNave, aka Jeweldiva, is based in NYC (she usually ships quite fast!) and has a remarkable selection of costume jewelry. 💎

  1. Charvet Slippers

Screenshot 2023-12-24 at 5.08.18 PM.png

Though the price tag for these house shoes is a bit extravagant, I firmly believe they are worth every penny. (If you want a little extra bang for your buck, you can pull an Olsen twin and wear these slippers beyond the confines of home!) I think slippers are a universally appreciated gift, and if for some reason the recipient does not agree with that sentiment- MAJOR RED FLAG 🚩. On a cozy note, consider pairing these slippers with a delicious Christopher John Rogers sweater dress and these socks.)

  1. Flamingo Estate The Garden Tour


My introduction to Flamingo Estate was during lockdown when I was in search of a hand sanitizer that didn’t have a clinical smell (sadly, it seems to have been discontinued 🙁) . Whether you have a culinary enthusiast, a budding gardener, or someone with an eye for aesthetically pleasing home products, Flamingo Estate is the ultimate destination!

  1. Giorgio Armani: Images of Man


This coffee table book is the perfect gift for those people in your life who may or may not be quite luxury-curious (hahaha!). In general, I think vintage coffee table books make splendid gifts (if you are in NYC, you can also check out The Strand; might I also suggest High Valley Books and Left Bank Books). On the subject of vintage printed material, you could also consider gifting a magazine that corresponds to the recipient’s birthday- Vogue, Esquire, or, if you are feeling risque, perhaps Playboy 👿.)

  1. Session with an astrologer/numerologist/ or anything in between


2023 was quite a year wasn’t it? Personally, I’m contemplating a session to unravel the mysteries of the past year and prepare for what lies ahead. I recently crossed paths with Mona Pennock, specializing in face reading and numerology, offering clients a clear roadmap for the future. 🔮

  1. BONUS GIFT: Versayce Trucker Cap

This is the perfect gift for all you WORLD CLASS SINNERS! Nomi Malone walked for Jocelyn to run! 💃🏼

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