The Good Children Make Art For Their Queer Childhood Selves

The creators of the Good Children podcast on their lifelong friendship, healing in real time, and making anxiety the punchline.


It was dark outside but the Good Children were iridescent, floating into the red-lamped atmosphere of Bushwick’s Cherry On Top like a pair of earth angels. We tucked ourselves inside an alcoved booth with our wine and crisp beer and the French bread and the olive tray they ordered and we began, the Good Children across from me, my face a wanton replacement for an aperture.

For those unacquainted, here’s what you should know: The Good Children are podcasters. (A famously unutterable sentence.) They are best friends. They are gay and hail from Long Island. They are Joe Hegyes and Andrew Muscarella, and they’ve known each other since they were four years old. As the show’s name suggests, they were categorically “good children.”

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