Scared? Don't Be! Eric Adams Wrote A Book For You

In 2009, Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams embarked on a mission to protect kids everywhere. Through his book "Don't Let It Happen," we learn that maybe Adams isn't the man for that job after all.

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Stranger Danger. Be Cool About Fire Safety. Michael Jordan saying “Stop It, Get Some Help.” The talking dog telling that girl to put her blunt down. Or the other one, with the girl steamrollered by weed.

PSAs are funny. They just are. Take it from me, the 2nd-place finisher in my 5th grade’s D.A.R.E. essay contest. There’s always going to be something goofy about adults posturing as an authority on issues faced by kids. The more sincere their attempts, the more absurd they seem. The D.A.R.E.-a-dox, if you will.

Recently, I unearthed a classically ridiculous PSA: Don’t Let It Happen — written by none other than Eric Adams, former NYPD Captain, current Mayor of New York City. This 2009 book touches on every fear a parent could have about their child: gangs, drugs, sex, cyberspace.

I was surprised to find no other reporting on this D.A.R.E.-a-dox gem. Not strictly based on the content it contains (though yes, this beautiful mess of a book contains moments of sublime, bizarre brilliance), but because of who wrote it.

It’s all here, wrapped up in this banger of a cover. Join us as we take you through Don’t Let it Happen.

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