Leonardo Bevilacqua

You may have read his "turgid" (read: maximalist) prose in such publications as The Drunken Canal, Ekphrasis, BWOG, and his own blog: A Rapture in Blue. He's lived in 'the city' practically his whole life with the exception of a couple years that he spent doing regional theatre in the Southeast (y'all!). He's been (and in some cases, continue to be) a public school teacher, bartender, PA, museum docent, ACT tutor, actor, cater waiter, stand-in for film/tv, and his favorite role: philosophy student. Shout out to John Waters, Kenneth Anger, Jeremy O. Harris, Lana Del Rey, Tyler, the Creator, David Lynch, Parker Posey, and so many others who inspire him to continue down this sometimes harrowing path of being creative.@theleobevilacqua