Three Cheers

An Artist, A Media Man, And A Gallerist!

This is a place for cheering people on.

Photo courtesy of Bolt Brown and Vogue Italia.


Three Cheers is a monthly column in which we celebrate people who are doing great things. Here, we call out friends and online crushes we’ve never even met before as a way of saying, thank you! Keep doing it! And sorry for putting you on the spot!

Bolt Brown

A friend, designer, artist, and carpenter, Bolt is a New York-based boy who seems to just… know how to do everything. He’s a wonderful person to be around and always has thoughtful words to contribute to a conversation. One time, he even designed this Vogue Italia September cover (alongside @devilintraining_), which is maybe the best and most unique Vogue cover of all time? We love you, Bolt.

Jenny Borland

Gallery-owner of Jenny's, a Chinatown gallery she co-directs with Mathew Sova, Jenny recelty opened a new show titled, You May See Butterflies: Castle Square by artist Gili Tal. Along with this behing a cute-as-heck exhibition, Jenny's gallery was also recently featured in The New York Times as a N.Y.C. gallery to go see. So go see it!

Ben Dietz

Ben played a big role in bringing Byline to life. He's a super sage advice giver, smart human and just all-around great person. Simply put, he knows a lot of stuff, particularly in the world of media, and he is good at sharing what he knows. His brain is definitely working, he is full of good ideas, and we are appreciative that.

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