Introducing The Hacker Awards, in partnership with Urban Outfitters and Dickies.


If you’ve been keeping up, then you know that this issue, a collaboration with Urban Outfitters and Dickies, is all about Hacking It. It is an ode to creative hackers — those who have carved out a unique path for themselves and their work. We featured five individuals who have aced the game of hacking. They’ve found autonomy and decoded the work world. They’re working for themselves, expressing their point of view, and collaborating with people they love. In short, they found a way around working for the man, and we sincerely love that.

Now, we want to know who you think is an A+ hacker. Enter The Hacker Awards, where we are acknowledging a new class of creative individuals who are breaking free from tradition to build a more creative future. Do you have a friend who has unlocked a new level of art direction? Or a peer who is juggling multiple gigs so that they can pursue their true passion? Nominate them for The Hacker Awards here!

At the end of this issue, we’ll announce each winner as a part of Issue 04: Hacking, and celebrate a new wave of creative pioneers. We'll highlight their story, work, the winding path they took, and do our part to share their special ~thing~ with the world. Submit your BFF, sister, brother, internet crush, mentor, peer, or secret admirer here.

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