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Our Instagram Saves Are Keeping Us Warm

Harling Ross, Emily Zirimis, and more creatives give us the lowdown on their Instagram Saved Folders, including but not limited to baby booties, Jello, and bedazzled trashcans galore.


What do you do when you’re stuck inside? Or not stuck, persay, but are very much avoiding going outside. This weekend I did all kinds of things while avoiding the country-wide coldfront: knit (a sweater that I realized I did not use the correct yarn for), watched movies (Saltburn and Fantastic Funghi), cleaned (barely), and cooked (The New York Times Gochujang Butter Noodles recipe). Most of all though, I scrolled through Instagram.

It's often considered a negative thing to rot on your phone, even when there are not a ton of other activities available. But part of the reason I started the saved folder column was because when I’m scrolling on IG, there is so much goodness to digest. Paintings, sweaters, recipes, brands I’ve never heard of, places I now want to go... the list goes on. Instagram has kind of become my inspiration encyclopedia, giving me a visual feast I could never find on my own.

Anyways, my nosiness of your saved folders continues. This month, I asked some past creative coworkers I've had to let me know what they're saving during this coldfront.

Harling Ross

This painting by the artist Cameron Goodyear. I found her account recently through another favorite artist, Happy Menocal. Cameron describes her work as "hovering between the familiar and the otherworldly," which I love.

These knitted booties from Degen, on my wishlist for my son's wardrobe.

This personal stationery by Bernard Maisner. I'm a bit of a stationery freak and I have an entire bookmarks folder devoted to it. The contrast between the elaborate lettering and the crisp, clean minimalism of the overall design is what drew me to this particular card.

Emily Zirimis

Okay, but is jello trending again??? This jewel of a shoot by the very talented Casey Zhang popped up on my feed just when I needed the visual escape most. Casey and Jessie Cundiff also created an incredible series with butter which you need to see immediately if you haven’t already. Speaking of jewels…does anyone remember this Jewels and Jello market report? At this point, I think jello is safely here to stay. I have a reminder set for the upcoming drop of Gentle Monsters “Jelly” sunglasses which look very fun. Jello is colorful, sculptural, textural – it’s sort of like what slime was for us all in 2020, but more timeless!

This immediately reminded me of Sophie Lou Jacobson’s twist candleholder brought to life.

I love the idea of “snow drawings” and “a snow canvas” as mentioned by artist Sonja Hinrichsen in her original post. I like that in an age of AI - this image is real, and it draws your eye in and forces you to slow down for a moment. To me it also pays homage to Spiral Jetty by artist Robert Smithson, which is an installation that I think about often.

We love a high-low moment. And what better a moment than to beautify a conventional trash can? There are tons of cool art objects for sale at The Future Perfect by artist Frank Traynor – which was a “project he began with a shack he found in upstate New York and transported to Brooklyn” which I love as a concept on its own. To me, the objects feel like Dada meets Sophie Buhai. As a collector of random things, these objects also inspire me – I have tons of seashells that I’ve found over the years that sit in various jars and boxes – and I love the idea of creating something beautiful but functional with them. Due to my job being so digital-first, I love finding reasons to make 3D things when I can.

Imani Randolph

I mean, Shalom Harlow with a hime cut? wtf! This blew my mind. Not to mention the beat. The perfectly skinny-but-not-too-skinny brows? The classic 90s grey smokey eye? The matte lip? (I'm going to start wearing matte lipstick again.) I also really love the contrast between the sultriness of the makeup and the modest, streamlined silhouette of the look.

I've never felt so seen. I simply cannot be caught slipping! Not even by total strangers!

Louisiana Mei Gelpi

I have no shame in admitting that most of my saved folder consists of memes. Especially knitting ones, which is so niche but I love it because I LOVE knitting so much and I find them so dumb and funny. More people I’m following on instagram seem to be knitting and that makes me so happy to hype them up on their projects and ask them to follow me on ravelry (which is @louisianamei, @btw)

I saw this towards the end of last year and really appreciated it. It’s nice to have reminders like this pop up to get me to take a step back and think about what is really important and makes me genuinely happy.

My hope for the new year is to bake more and when I saw this I FREAKED OUT because that looks exactly like what I want to eat at all times. I’m realizing that I need to start microplaning chocolate onto every dessert.

Me me me!

An icyyyy blue look for this iccyyyyyy blue weather. Might as well try this now right? While you're huddling inside?

Lost J. Crew is an account posting J. Crew ads before the internet (aka pre 1997), and has resulted in a wonderful collection of retro images showing cool people painting ceilings in khakis or a model on the beach wearing a jean jacket. This Coperni Holiday campaign included cats in a snowy setting, and while I love it, I gotta say this black lab in his socks and scarves was the OG cover ready pet.

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