Flower Of The Month

Not Your Everyday Bodega Flower

Paper-like petals that you definitely cannot eat.


Flower Of The Month is a monthly column dedicated to highlighting one flower per month.

Ah… flowers. We love them. No like, we really love them. How does a thing as special and delicate as a flower just burst out of the earth, on accident? Our science teachers would remind us that of course, this is no accident. It’s a product of photosynthesis and the birds & the bees, etc, etc. But still, it’s cool and awesome that we get to coexist with them. Whether you choose to subscribe to magic fairy dust philosophies or prefer Bill Nye’s book, flowers are the bomb. That’s why we are highlighting a different flower every month. Flowers are a gift, so as Oprah once told Lindsey Lohan re: her sobriety: Hello? Let’s celebrate that.

Byline’s first-ever Flower Of The Month is not your everyday bodega flora. Native to the mountains of Central Asia and parts of North America, this flower is known as a biennial plant. In other words, it takes two years to fully bloom once planted. Its paper-like petals are soft and vibrant, and it does not grow where its name suggests. Any guesses?


Okay, fine, I’ll tell you. It’s the Icelandic Poppy! Known to plant heads as a Papaver nudicaule, this flower is a cultivar, or a plant that maintains its beauty even when propagated. It’s lightly fragrant, has a fuzzy stem, and was first discovered by botanists in 1759 (she’s a timeless beauty). Poppy season typically lasts from mid-February to May (she doesn’t thrive in heat), but Icelandic Poppies can grow through autumn if in the right climate (sunny, temperate, and well-drained soil). Apparently, these bad boys represent spirituality and remembrance. Whatever you do, don’t eat these. They’re def poisonous.

Anyway, here are some cute things to get you in an Icelandic Poppy mood.

Icelandic Poppy Seeds

So you can plant your own. Nature says to do it outside in a 50-75 degree climate.

Susan Alexandra Doria Bag

I know it's called the Doria bag but I'm seeing Icelandic Poppies!

Bode Poppy Shirt

In case you want to really go in on Poppies, this is an option.

Simone Rocha Poppy Earring

Who is going to buy this gift for me?

Gardening Hat

IMHO this is not just a gardening hat. This is a life hat.

Poppy Tie

A boy I know wore this once and let me just say!!!!!!!

Poppy Vans

Skateboarding is on my list of things to learn, and these could go well with my new hobby.

Kenzo Shorts

I'm seeing long shorts everywhere, and this is the way I'd like to approach the trend.

Sandy Liang Dress

IDK, I just imagine wearing this in a field of Icelandic Poppies.

Gucci Poppy Shorts


Herbs4Relaxation Jacket

Okay, but seriously, I'm obsessed with this brand and along with this jacket, need all of the poppy shirts, too :)

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