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A London Fashion Week Debrief (Big Ben Is Hung ASF)

Vogue World, Mowalola, an Irina Shayk repost, and more moments from the Big Smoke.


After a year and a half of dedicated boyblogging, I have finally “made it." Instagram had confirmed that they were flying me out to cover London Fashion Week, a small town loser dream come true. I was on top of Big Ben, or I mean, the world. I packed my bags with every outfit imaginable and set off for London like the socialite high fashion slur I was made to be.

After a really high and scary time at JFK, I found myself aboard my American Airlines flight headed for the big smoke to explore the world of emerging designers. Upon landing at 9:30 in the morning, it was time to switch into a headspace that was appropriate aka listening to some old Ke$ha. Show confirmations were rolling in, and my workload began to pile up.

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