My Secret Job

Advice From Darian Symoné: Have Guts And Be On Time

The founder of beauty media platform and community, Studio Symoné, made the leap from creator to business owner. Here’s how.

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My Secret Job is a column that features individuals who skillfully clock into their day-to-day jobs while juggling their secret or not-so-secret endeavors. This month, catching up with individuals who managed to “hack” and disrupt what conventional work looks like by creating a path guided by passion.

Darian Symoné Harvin is the relatable multimedia correspondent, editor, and writer who knows all things beauty, pop culture, and everything in between. When she's not sharing her insightful perspectives and conversing with household names like Tracee Ellis Ross for publications like The New York Times and Teen Vogue, she's creating a platform for real-time discussions on culture, beauty, and current events, both online and in person, through Studio Symoné.

Harvin's transition from a magenta-themed Instagram mood board to building an engaging media company came from a desire to fill a community gap she noticed within various creative spheres she found herself in. Studio Symoné offers an open and passionate space with a beauty-centric lens that Harvin is well-acquainted with having an intuitive pulse on. Darian talks about community, starting over, and her amazement with Blue Ivy Carter's emergence during the Renaissance tour.

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