'Covered' Is The (Smart, Funny) Fashion Podcast We've All Been Waiting For

Ruby Redstone and Natalie Brennan are answering the call for a podcast that covers fashion lore, vintage, culture, and shopping — all in one conversation.


If you're both a fashion enthusiast and a podcast lover, then there has likely been an empty space in your media diet. There are hundreds of fashion podcasts out there, but finding one that addresses the lore, culture, vintage, and trends in one breath is a tall order. In their new podcast, Covered, Ruby Redstone and Natalie Brennan are serving up exactly that.

Ruby, a fashion historian and writer, and Natalie, a podcast producer and writer of fashion newsletter In Search Of, first met as kids. Years later, they reconnected as fellow fashion fans working in media in New York. Their new project together not only marks a reunion between friends in the name of fashion, but also a long-awaited addition to the fashion media zeitgeist. Below, Ruby and Natalie tell us about their newly-launched pod, how it came to fruition, and what we can expect.

MO: How long has this been in the making?

Natalie Brennan: Last year, Ruby messaged me that she heard my name in the producer credits at the end of a podcast she was listening to. I immediately responded that we should work on something together and we’ve been scheming, researching, and creating Covered ever since. We both had a pretty clear idea of what we wanted the show to sound like from the start because it is a show that we’ve been waiting to hear ourselves. There’s a really big gap in the women’s fashion podcast market. When we launched last week I sent Ruby a screenshot of those DMs but it was unfair of me to make a pregnant woman cry so early in the morning.

Ruby Redstone: Natalie said it best!! It’s been exactly a year since we had this little seedling of an idea, but I think we’ve both been wanting a funny, smart fashion podcast since…podcasts began? Hopefully Covered is that very thing.

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