Two Is Better Than One

Not All Pairings Are Created Equal

Marcus McDonalds' photo essay illustrates the various genres of pairings — the good, the bad, and the slimy.


Did you know that if you put salt on a snail, it shrivels up and withers away? It's a heinous discovery and serves as proof that some pairings are indeed lethal. Others, however, are the stuff of heaven. Take bread and butter, for example. These two age-old and delicious inventions epitomize what it means to be made for one another.

In his visual essay, Better Together, photographer Marcus McDonalds explores what it means to be a pair. When we think of things that go together, we most often think of the foods and essentials that go well together. But what about the ones that contribute to the circle of life? Scroll for a visual feast of pairings. And dont worry — no slugs or worms harmed in the making of this shoot :)







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