The Best Kept Secrets Of The Internet

We asked seven media-savvy moguls to share their favorite overlooked digital destinations.


Deepcuts and Deepdives is a monthly column that asks people to name their off-the-beaten-path favorites

Welcome to the World Wide Web. This place which we call the internet, is full of forgotten corners with cobwebs, neglected browsers, buried stories, and overlooked digital spaces that sometimes need a dusting off. So for the first edition of Deepcuts, we're picking up our virtual broomsticks and flashlights, and going headfirst into cyberspace with seven people who help us make (and break) the internet.

Maya Man:

The Motivational Video Archive, Michelle Ellsworth (1992–Present)

I recommend this link for when you’re feeling your worst! It always helps me. Michelle Ellsworth is one of my favorite artists. She is a dancer and makes the most special websites. She has been filming and archiving these motivational videos, directed toward herself, since 1992. They are labeled like my intrusive thoughts: “No One Is Listening,” “It feels like your project sucks,” “Bad Conversation,” “Don’t Be Insecure,” “Stop Being Insecure Again.” Some are more specific: “Don’t Dye Hair,” “Ex Is Getting Remarried,” “Poet Fantasy”, “Killed Neighbors Fish.” She somehow always knows what I did not even know I really needed to hear. Sometimes, they make me want to cry because they feel so suddenly Real. Please watch one today.

Alex Braunstein:

JP Toys is the go to website and forum for the Jurassic Park toy collector, which as you might imagine is an incredibly normal and well adjusted demographic. Within this website lies a genuine repository of Jurassic Park toy knowledge stretching back to prototypes conceived of and never produced for the very first film. Whether you are a seasoned sauropod collector or merely a casual Jurassic Park Toy enthusiast looking to make his first Kenner-era Velociraptor purchase, is not to be missed.

Layla Halabian:

Moon will tell you the current phase of the moon, but its beauty lies in the cryptic notification it drops on the night of a new and full moon. There’s also a hidden feature: the “moon harp,” which turns the stars into a celestial instrument upon shaking your phone.

Matt Weinberger:

I love Ken Rockwell’s Camera Reviews because of how comprehensive they are. When I need a solid opinion on a camera I’m curious about purchasing, Ken is a great source.

Jack Corbett: Gorillaz Racing Game,

The release of the single 19-2000 from Gorillaz debut album Gorillaz came with an extra TREAT: a browser based racing game based on the music video. It was so laggy and I played this constantly and was obsessed with the imagery and would draw the little gorillaz characters on my multiplication tables.

Ben Smith:

I find myself returning to Katie Notopoulos's tumblr from time to time. It takes me back to a more innocent moment on the internet.

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