June McDoom Carries A Tune

The New York City based musician has learned that in order to make music, she needs space and solo time.


In collaboration with Urban Outfitters and Dickies, we created a series of stories that feature creative leaders who offer their insight on the “new” work world.

On a Friday morning in October, June McDoom logs onto our video chat from her New Orleans lodging during a stop on the Lil Yachty tour, where she and frequent collaborator Nick Hakim have been openers. In an hour, she’ll catch a flight to LA. When the tour’s done, she’ll return to New York, where she makes ethereal pop-folk that’s a defiant refutation of genre boundaries.

Drawn to Simon and Garfunkel in her suburban South Florida youth, trained in jazz, raised on reggae, and channeling Judee Sill and Nina Simone in turn, she spoke at length about collaboration, production-as-craft, and the process of concocting With Strings, her new EP out November 10 on Temporary Residence.

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